St Oliver Plunkett’s Parish Harris Park

Diocese & Deanery

Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

St Oliver Plunkett’s Harris Park Parish is a part of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

Established on 8 April, 1986, the Diocese is today home to more than 319,000 Catholics in one of the fastest growing areas of New South Wales, Australia.

A Suffragan Diocese of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, the Diocese of Parramatta is west of Sydney and covers 4,289 square kilometres, reaching from Dundas Valley, west to Megalong Valley, south to Luddenham, and north to Wiseman’s Ferry.

The Diocese is made up of 47 Parishes, each with an average number of 6,515 parishioners. In addition, 41,000 students attend one the 77 Catholic schools of the Diocese. The Diocese is also home to six congregational schools.

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Diocesan Plan: Faith in Our Future

Faith in Our Future - the Pastoral Plan of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta - invites every Catholic community and disciple to become part of the Diocesan twofold vision of Growing in Faith and Sharing our Faith. The Diocese has outlined five pastoral priorities as part of its 2014-2018 plan:

  • Supporting family life
  • Connecting better with the young
  • Building upon our ethnic diversity
  • Growing and supporting laity and clergy
  • New evangelisation

Download the Diocesan Pastoral Plan at the Faith in Our Future website

Parramatta Deanery

St Oliver Plunkett’s Harris Park Parish is also one of eight Parishes of the Parramatta Deanery within the Diocese.

The other seven Parishes within the Parramatta Deanery are:

  • Dundas Valley - St Bernadette’s Parish
  • Granville - Holy Trinity Parish
  • Granville East - Holy Family Parish
  • Parramatta - St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish
  • Parramatta North - St Monica’s Parish
  • Rydalmere - Holy Name of Mary Parish
  • Westmead - Sacred Heart Parish

Diocesan Development Fund

The creation of the St Oliver Plunkett’s Harris Park Parish site has been made possible by the Diocesan Development Fund (DDF).

The DDF provides a source of finance and credit for capital expenditure in the works of the Church, as well as funds for welfare and pastoral programs in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

The DDF’s role extends through that of loans provider to one of financial support of the diocesan mission. This essential objective is only made possible by the invaluable contribution made by depositors.

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