St Oliver Plunkett’s Parish Harris Park

Our Parish

St Oliver Plunkett’s Church Harris Park
St Oliver Plunkett’s Church Harris Park. Photography: Virginia Knight

St Oliver Plunkett’s Parish is located in the suburb of Harris Park in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

Our Parish provides a warm and welcoming space to worship for those who live near and far. At the heart of our Parish are our Parishioners who provide life and vibrancy to our services. Whether living locally or travelling from distant places, all are welcome to worship at St Oliver Plunkett’s Parish.

If you have any queries about Marriage Ceremonies or Baptisms at our church - or would simply like to learn more about Parish Life at St Oliver Plunkett’s Harris Park Parish - please feel free to contact the Parish Office at any time.

Our Weekly Mass Times can be seen here. Mass in Igbo (Nigerian) is also celebrated at our church on the second Sunday of every second month at 11.30am. You can learn more about this joyful liturgy from this Catholic Outlook article from December 2012/January 2013.

Our local school - St Oliver’s Primary Harris Park - is a co-educational Catholic school promoting quality learning and teaching from Kindergarten to Year 6. You can learn more about St Oliver’s Primary here or by visiting the school’s site.

Since 2013, the historic Kenilworth House in Harris Park has been home the Diocese’s seminary. To learn more, you can read this Catholic Outlook article from June 2013 on the blessing of the seminary’s new home, or visit the Holy Spirit Seminary site.