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St Oliver Plunkett’s Parish Priest Christopher de Souza and St Oliver’s Primary Principal Anthony McElhone with students at the Christian Living, Academic and Achievements Awards presentation for 2014.

St Oliver’s Primary Harris Park is a co-educational Catholic school promoting quality learning and teaching from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Our professional and dedicated teaching staff encourage students to reach their potential in a caring and safe learning environment.

We live by the Gospel values of tolerance and respect by celebrating our school's diverse cultures and customs.

The school offers excellent educational programs for parents from non-English speaking backgrounds to encourage closer relationships with the School and Parish communities.

St Oliver’s Primary has two large open learning spaces with interactive whiteboards, well-equipped modern classrooms and library, a theatre room, creative arts room, enclosed undercroft and covered playground area. The enclosed undercroft is available for use in the community with certain conditions.

Vision & Mission

St Oliver’s Primary endeavours to educate and develop the whole child within a Catholic environment centred on Christ’s values of truth, love and Service.

It envisions a future for each student that encourages respect, compassion, tolerance, justice, and true celebration of the sacredness of life.

It seeks an ongoing pursuit of excellence and holds high expectations for all learning. As a thriving educational entity St Oliver’s strives to build depth, endurance and resourcefulness whilst conserving and acknowledging the deep richness and diversity of its community.

It is our mission, based on our beliefs and underpinned by our Catholic Values, to promote and provide a quality educational environment where all can learn and reach their full potential.

In our community the elements of inclusivity, deep knowledge, deep understanding, intellectual quality, and significance are embedded in the curriculum to provide equal opportunities for all learners in a framework of quality education.

Paramount to all learning and actions at St Oliver’s Primary is a dedication to seeding the wonder of life-long learning.


St Oliver’s Primary has been established to cater especially for the communities immediately in the vicinity of the school and the areas east of Hambledon Road. Enrolment procedures will be followed to ensure that priority is given to families who share and support the special character of our Catholic schools. A priority order will be followed that supports:

  • A strong Parish faith community
  • Gospel priority to support those in need
  • Priority to religious education
  • Parent/school partnership and a caring community
  • A strong Parent Group actively promoting the goals of the school

Learn more about the enrolment process at the St Oliver’s Primary Harris Park site

Contact Details

Street address

33 Wigram Street
Harris Park
NSW 2150

Postal address

PO Box 5
Harris Park
NSW 2150

Office Hours

8.30am to 3.30pm


Anthony McElhone


02 9682 1244


02 9637 7259